TN Series
Part Number Package Part Number Package Part Number Package
TN368 TO-237 TN2219 TO-237 TN4234 TO-237
TN369 TO-237 TN2219A TO-237 TN4235 TO-237
TN391 TO-237 TN2270 TO-237 TN4236 TO-237
TN392 TO-237 TN2904A TO-237 TN4314 TO-237
TN393 TO-237 TN2905 TO-237
TN635 TO-237 TN2905A TO-237
TN636 TO-237 TN3019 TO-237
TN637 TO-237 TN3020 TO-237
TN638 TO-237 TN3053 TO-237
TN639 TO-237 TN3742 TO-237
TN640 TO-237 TN4030 TO-237
TN2017 TO-237 TN4033 TO-237
TN2102 TO-237 TN4036 TO-237
TN2218A TO-237 TN4037 TO-237

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