PN Series
Part Number Package Part Number Package Part Number Package
PN918 TO-92 PN4140 TO-92 PN5130 TO-92
PN930 TO-92 PN4141 TO-92 PN5131 TO-92
PN2221 TO-92 PN4142 TO-92 PN5132 TO-92
PN2221A TO-92 PN4143 TO-92 PN5133 TO-92
PN2222 TO-92 PN4248 TO-92 PN5135 TO-92
PN2222A TO-92 PN4249 TO-92 PN5136 TO-92
PN2906 TO-92 PN4250 TO-92 PN5137 TO-92
PN2906A TO-92 PN4250A TO-92 PN5142 TO-92
PN2907A TO-92 PN4274 TO-92 PN5143 TO-92
PN3564 TO-92 PN4275 TO-92 PN5179 TO-92
PN3638 TO-92 PN4354 TO-92 PN5447 TO-92
PN3641 TO-92 PN4355 TO-92 PN5449 TO-92
PN3643 TO-92 PN4356 TO-92 PN5816 TO-92
PN3644 TO-92 PN5127 TO-92 PN7055 TO-92
PN3645 TO-92 PN5128 TO-92
PN3694 TO-92 PN5129 TO-92

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