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To: All Microsemi PPC Valued Customers

Microsemi PPC and Boca Semiconductor Corporation have reached an agreement for Boca Semiconductor Corp. to purchase the Microsemi PPC Commercial product line, effective November 27, 2000.

A list of all parts affected by this transaction is included with this notice.

Microsemi PPC had previously notified itís customers that these parts would be discontinued, we are now pleased to announce their continued availability from Boca Semiconductor Corp. All existing orders as of November 27th 2000 will be transferred to Boca Semiconductor Corp. However during the transition period orders will continue to ship from the Microsemi PPC site and all existing orders will be supplied with Microsemi branded devices.

Boca Semiconductor Corp. will continue to utilize the same sources previously utilized by Microsemi PPC for the production of these devices, therefore you can be assured of the same product quality and reliability that was delivered by Microsemi PPC.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me at the Microsemi PPC number listed below. You may also contact Scott Rosenstein of Boca Semiconductor Corp by phone 800-552-3901 or fax 561-226-8524.


Bill Kearns
Sales Manager
Microsemi PPC

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