2N Series
Part Number Package Part Number Package Part Number Package
2N656 TO-39 2N3500 TO-39 2N5132 TO-92
2N657 TO-39 2N3501 TO-39 2N5133 TO-92
2N696 TO-39 2N3502 TO-39 2N5134 TO-92
2N697 TO-39 2N3503 TO-39 2N5135 TO-92
2N699 TO-39 2N3564 TO-92 2N5136 TO-92
2N706 TO-18 2N3565 TO-92 2N5137 TO-92
2N708 TO-18 2N3605 TO-92 2N5142 TO-92
2N718 TO-18 2N3606 TO-92 2N5143 TO-92
2N718A TO-18 2N3607 TO-92 2N5145 TO-39
2N720 TO-18 2N3635 TO-39 2N5172 TO-92
2N834 TO-18 2N3636 TO-39 2N5179 TO-72
2N869 TO-18 2N3637 TO-39 2N5219 TO-92
2N910 TO-18 2N3647 TO-18 2N5220 TO-92
2N911 TO-18 2N3662 TO-92 2N5221 TO-92
2N915 TO-18 2N3663 TO-92 2N5223 TO-92
2N916 TO-18 2N3678 TO-39 2N5224 TO-92
2N917 TO-72 2N3693 TO-92 2N5225 TO-92
2N918 TO-72 2N3694 TO-92 2N5226 TO-92
2N929 TO-18 2N3700 TO-18 2N5232 TO-92
2N930 TO-18 2N3702 TO-92 2N5232A TO-92
2N995 TO-18 2N3704 TO-92 2N5294 TO-220
2N1507 TO-39 2N3705 TO-92 2N5296 TO-220
2N1613 TO-39 2N3708 TO-92 2N5298 TO-220
2N1644 TO-39 2N3709 TO-92 2N5320 TO-39
2N1711 TO-39 2N3710 TO-92 2N5321 TO-39
2N1837 TO-39 2N3721 TO-92 2N5322 TO-39
2N1838 TO-39 2N3742 TO-39 2N5323 TO-39
2N1840 TO-39 2N3773 TO-3 2N5354 TO-92
2N1889 TO-39 2N3794 TO-92 2N5355 TO-92
2N1890 TO-39 2N3825 TO-92 2N5365 TO-92
2N1893 TO-39 2N3827 TO-92 2N5366 TO-92
2N1972 TO-39 2N3858 TO-92 2N5400 TO-92
2N1973 TO-39 2N3858A TO-92 2N5401 TO-92
2N1974 TO-39 2N3859 TO-92 2N5416 TO-39
2N1975 TO-39 2N3860 TO-92 2N5447 TO-92
2N1986 TO-39 2N3877 TO-92 2N5449 TO-92
2N1987 TO-39 2N3877A TO-92 2N5449 TO-92
2N1988 TO-39 2N3900 TO-92 2N5550 TO-92
2N1989 TO-39 2N3900A TO-92 2N5551 TO-92
2N1990 TO-39 2N3901 TO-92 2N5679 TO-39
2N2049 TO-39 2N3903 TO-92 2N5680 TO-39
2N2102 TO-39 2N3904 TO-92 2N5681 TO-39
2N2192 TO-39 2N3905 TO-92 2N5682 TO-39
2N2193 TO-39 2N3906 TO-92 2N5772 TO-92
2N2194 TO-39 2N3933 TO-72 2N5817 TO-92
2N2195 TO-39 2N4030 TO-39 2N6101 TO-220
2N2218 TO-39 2N4031 TO-39 2N6107 TO-220
2N2218A TO-39 2N4032 TO-39 2N6109 TO-220
2N2219 TO-39 2N4033 TO-39 2N6111 TO-220
2N2219A TO-39 2N4036 TO-39 2N6121 TO-220
2N2221 TO-18 2N4037 TO-39 2N6122 TO-220
2N2221A TO-18 2N4058 TO-92 2N6123 TO-220
2N2222 TO-18 2N4059 TO-92 2N6124 TO-220
2N2222A TO-18 2N4061 TO-92 2N6125 TO-220
2N2243 TO-39 2N4062 TO-92 2N6126 TO-220
2N2270 TO-39 2N4237 TO-39 2N6253 TO-3
2N2440 TO-39 2N4249 TO-92 2N6257 TO-3
2N2483 TO-18 2N4286 TO-92 2N6288 TO-220
2N2484 TO-18 2N4287 TO-92 2N6290 TO-220
2N2586 TO-18 2N4288 TO-92 2N6292 TO-220
2N2646 TO-18 2N4289 TO-92 2N6371 TO-3
2N2647 TO-18 2N4290 TO-92 2N6371HV TO-3
2N2696 TO-18 2N4291 TO-92 2N6430 TO-18
2N2712 TO-92 2N4292 TO-92 2N6486 TO-220
2N2714 TO-92 2N4293 TO-92 2N6487 TO-220
2N2894 TO-18 2N4294 TO-92 2N6488 TO-220
2N2897 TO-18 2N4295 TO-92 2N6489 TO-220
2N2904 TO-39 2N4296 TO-39 2N6490 TO-220
2N2904A TO-39 2N4314 TO-39 2N6491 TO-220
2N2905 TO-39 2N4347 TO-3 2N6515 TO-92
2N2905A TO-39 2N4400 TO-92 2N6516 TO-92
2N2906 TO-18 2N4401 TO-92 2N6517 TO-92
2N2906A TO-18 2N4402 TO-92 2N6519 TO-92
2N2907 TO-18 2N4403 TO-92 2N6520 TO-92
2N2907A TO-18 2N4409 TO-92 2N6705 TO-237
2N2924 TO-92 2N4424 TO-92 2N6706 TO-237
2N3019 TO-39 2N4851 TO-18 2N6707 TO-237
2N3020 TO-39 2N4852 TO-18 2N6708 TO-237
2N3053 TO-39 2N4853 TO-18 2N6709 TO-237
2N3055 TO-3 2N4870 TO-92 2N6710 TO-237
2N3055HV TO-3 2N4871 TO-92 2N6711 TO-237
2N3072 TO-39 2N4944 TO-92 2N6712 TO-237
2N3073 TO-39 2N4946 TO-92 2N6713 TO-237
2N3117 TO-18 2N4951 TO-92 2N6714 TO-237
2N3250 TO-18 2N4952 TO-92 2N6715 TO-237
2N3250A TO-18 2N4953 TO-92 2N6716 TO-237
2N3251 TO-18 2N4954 TO-92 2N6717 TO-237
2N3251A TO-18 2N4964 TO-92 2N6718 TO-237
2N3300 TO-39 2N4965 TO-92 2N6719 TO-237
2N3390 TO-92 2N4966 TO-92 2N6726 TO-237
2N3391A TO-92 2N4967 TO-92 2N6727 TO-237
2N3395 TO-92 2N4968 TO-92 2N6728 TO-237
2N3396 TO-92 2N4969 TO-92 2N6729 TO-237
2N3397 TO-92 2N4970 TO-92 2N6730 TO-237
2N3398 TO-92 2N4971 TO-92 2N6731 TO-237
2N3414 TO-92 2N4972 TO-92 2N6732 TO-237
2N3417 TO-92 2N5030 TO-92 2N6733 TO-237
2N3440 TO-39 2N5088 TO-92 2N6734 TO-237
2N3496 TO-18 2N5127 TO-92 2N6735 TO-237
2N3497 TO-18 2N5128 TO-92 2N6740 TO-237
2N3498 TO-39 2N5129 TO-92 2N706A TO-18
2N3499 TO-39 2N5130 TO-92 2N720A TO-18
2N5131 TO-92

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